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I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as Haley ordered the fondue. She had figured out my game play and now she was challenging me. I had to admit, I did love my challenges, but sometimes, I wanted to be the one in charge. I bit my lip as the brunette ran her foot up my thigh. As she reached my cock, she curled her toes and started moving them in a circular motion. I felt the heat rise up in my face and in between my legs. I held my eyes shut for a moment, "You are really asking for it tonight"

I could feel him harden as I continued to make circular motions with my toes. I bit my lip and giggled lightly. “Bring it on, big boy.” Our dessert arrived and I was delighted to see strawberries laying on the tray along with other assorted items. I grabbed a skewer and speared a piece of the fruit. I slowly dipped it into the warm chocolate, then brought it to my lips. Juice trickled down the side of my chin as I took a bite, chewing thoughtfully. My toes still circling his member the entire time. I set the skewer down and picked up another strawberry. I covered it in chocolate and brought it to my mouth. Instead of taking a bite I started sucking the chocolate off of the berry. Jared grasped onto the table as beads of sweat broke out onto his forehead.

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I held a piece of broccoli between the wooden stick up in front of our faces. Haley's eyes were more fixated on her plate than what I was currently up to. "You know, they say broccoli is an aphrodisiac - something about the crunching noise" I popped the floret into my mouth and began to chew slowly, "This isn't doing so much for me, but that dress you have on sure is." I titled my head towards her and smirked.

I knew exactly what he was trying to do. Jared enjoyed pushing peoples buttons, just to see how far he could go before they would crack. And that was exactly what he was trying to do tonight. I glanced at him as he smirked at me, head titled. Just as I opened my mouth to reply, the waiter appeared at the side of the table. “Are you interested in any dessert this evening?” I noticed Jared open his mouth to ask for what I presumed was the check, but I answered first. “Yes, actually. We’ll take the chocolate fondue. I’ve heard it’s delectable.” I smiled up at the waiter as I licked my lips. Jared shifted in his seat and nodded at the waiter as he glanced at him to make sure it was alright with him. “Are you okay, my darling? You seem a bit tense.” I smiled at him as I slipped my foot out of my stiletto and ran it gently up his leg.

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I noticed how shaky Haley's hands were and couldn't help but chuckle when she struggled to catch the fork from falling on the floor. "I'm going to assume you are a little anxious to get home." She stared at me wide-eyed; a deer in the headlights. "If you are worried about others hearing my innuendos, just stop. It's too loud in here." I picked at my noodles with the chop sticks. I scooted my chair closer to the table and placed my leg in between Haley's.

I felt Jared slide his leg between mine. My pulse started racing as numerous thoughts filled my head. “Aren’t you going to eat anymore, sugar?” Jared asked. I could hear the laughter in his voice. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. I knew this game, and I knew it well. It seemed he had forgotten that this wasn’t new to me, and that I certainly didn’t like playing fair.

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Even as a 40 year old man, to say this woman in front of me didn't give me butterflies would be a straight-up lie. Her hands were soft and I couldn't help but caress the sides with my thumbs. As she remarked about my appearance I couldn't help but wink. I could see Haley tense up, "Something wrong, sugar?" I slid my right hand from under Haley's and ran my fingertips up her arm; watching her hair stand on end.

I gasped as he ran his fingers softly up my arm. He knew how much I loved it when he called me ‘sugar’. The feeling that crept up inside of me was intense and filled with love and desire. I pulled my hands from his as our food was placed in front of us. I grabbed at my silverware with shaky hands, nearly dropping my fork on the floor. I glanced at Jared hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did.

Anonymous wondered:
Katasuya was packed as usual, but it was Haley's favorite restaurant so I couldn't deny her the pleasure of indulging in her favorite treats. I do a once over of her outfit as I sit across from her in the dimly lit dining area. "Haley, you look absolutely beautiful tonight," I say as I look deeply into her glistening blue eyes.

I could feel a blush creep onto my face as my eyes met his. “Thank you, Jay. You don’t look so bad yourself.” I winked at him and looked down at the menu that was placed in front of me. I could feel his eyes on me as the waiter came over and asked for our orders. As soon as he left, Jared placed his hands on the table, I smiled and placed mine upon his.



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